sábado, 11 de maio de 2013

Re-Invention Tour in Lisbon DVD DL

Fixed without re-encoding to preserve the original quality of the leak... 

- Fixed Glitches (Preview at yt--VlGl7zt30zQ )
- Fixed Aspect ratio
- Animated Menus
- Proper chapters/Song Selection Menu
- Remastered Audio track + Original Audio Track
- Extras:
US opening night Report
UK opening night Report
Paris Report
2 Lisbon Reports
Other TV Reports
American Life (original video)
The Beast Within backdrop
Bedtime Story backdrop extract
Nothing Fails backdrop extract
Die Another Day backdrop
Flex by Chris Cunningham
X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS videos
Burning Up/Die Another Day Alternate live videos 

PAL 16:9 + AC3 Audio: http://goo.gl/0p1PM
NTSC 16:9 + AC3 Audio: http://goo.gl/51OGh
Thanks to Fighter

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